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Terms & Conditions

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All clients are required to pay a 50% deposit of the total fee to confirm our time together, unless I state otherwise. This can be paid via Beemit, Throne, or online bank transfer.

Any payments made in branch via bank teller will be held and the booking cancelled for invading my privacy. My banking app informs me of the method used so please save yourself the embarrassment.

Deposits are non-refundable unless I need to cancel. This does not include cancellation due to poor behaviour on your part.

Your deposit cannot be transferred between different booking types (eg: solo session to duo booking), or be used for a session length less than you originally booked for.

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If you’ve paid a deposit for a booking in Canberra and need to cancel, please give me at least 24 hours notice. I will gladly reschedule our date if you need to cancel due to illness/injury/unforeseeable circumstances. I am understanding of such circumstances, however if this happens again I will keep your deposit and require the full due fee to be paid. Simples!

All tour bookings must pay the balance of the due fee when cancelling. Touring is a big expense and takes a lot of preparation on my end. I don't accept last minute bookings to fill your space should you cancel, so please only book if you are prepared to part with the total fee.

If you are someone I don’t require a deposit from, a $300 per hour cancelation fee will be required.

If you are more than 10 minutes late without letting me know, your booking will be considered cancelled.

If you wish to leave earlier than the time you have booked for, I will not refund the remaining fee. I do not accept having the initial booking length shortened after a deposit has been made. The only time I will offer a refund of remaining time is if I must cut the booking short. This does not include termination of a booking due to poor behaviour.

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The following actions will result in an immediate cancelation of our booking without a refund and/or further disciplinary action taken:

  • Sending me unsolicited nude pictures or dirty talk.

  • Attempting to, or succeeding in, making a booking with me when you've know me outside of being Zoe.

  • Gossiping about other workers to me.

  • Asking for services that are illegal in the state I am working.

  • Refusing to shower when asked to. Even if you just showered, I may direct you to do it again if it’s required.

  • Ignoring my ‘No’ or pestering me for activities I don’t do will result in an immediate end to the booking.

  • Removing the condom or trying to break it.

  • Theft of, or handling: my belongings, my fee once it is given, or damaging the accommodation I am staying at.

  • Threatening behaviour, insults, breaking objects, emotional manipulation etc.

  • Arriving intoxicated, or not being aware of your limits during a booking. A little tipsy is fine, but no more than that.

  • Arriving to the booking with an active contagious illness, be it sexual or not.

  • Recording me without my consent.

  • Posting pictures or videos of me online.

  • Questioning my rates or bartering

  • Touching me without my consent (eg. when I am asleep during an overnight)

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