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Let's work up an appetite together! Set menus/dégustations are my preferred way to dine; always happy to trust the chef to share their very best.

These dates are a 50/50 split of private and social time, one after the other. Depending on our schedules, and your manners, I am often rather lenient regarding time for our social portion so let's relax and savour it! My preference for dining is to have gluten free options due to intolerance. I am not coeliac, however I won't be any fun after if I eat it. Just ask if you aren't sure of where to take us.

Packages: Price List

4 Hours GFE


5 Hours GFE


Additional Hour GFE


4 Hour PSE


5 Hour PSE


Additional Hour PSE


Stay a little longer...

Just can't get enough? Let's escape reality together and create our own.

Overnights are for roughly 14-15 hours with at least 6hrs of uninterrupted sleep. Longer liaisons must allow me one hour per day alone, 6 hours of sleep per night, and all expenses covered. We must engage in at least 1 outing per day (eg: dining, movies, day spa, theatre, cocktails, go karts, casino, a workshop, shopping). This can happen with or without you. If you do wish to keep me cooped up inside all for yourself please note I will require an additional $1000 per 24 hours.

Packages: Price List

Overnight GFE


Overnight PSE


24 Hours GFE


24 Hours PSE


Weekend GFE (~48 Hours)


Weekend PSE (~48 Hours)


Long Weekend GFE (3 days, 2 nights)


For Days GFE (4 days, 3 nights)


Specific Arrangement?

$500 Consultancy Fee(transferable to total fee should we solidify arrangements)

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